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Operation Pollinator Project


Operation Pollinator is an international biodiversity program from Syngenta, designed to enhance the number of pollinating insects on farms and in out-of-play areas on golf courses. Farms provide great potential to create essential habitat and food sources for a range of native bees and pollinating insects. Independent research trials have shown creation of even small areas of dedicated habitat can significantly increase the numbers of pollinating insects.

Operation Pollinator Seed Mix

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Stem Mining Weevil


Devin in the field with thistles In the spring of 2016 there was some interest from the GWFA projects committee and board in trying out different biological control agents for weed control. After some research and discussion with some of the other Forage and Applied Research Associations, GWFA decided to develop a couple of projects to test weevil success. Read More






Sainfoin/Alfalfa - High Legume Pasture Project



In the spring of 2016 ARECA and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry approached GWFA, with a high legume pasture project. The idea behind the project is to plant a pasture stand containing a high percentage of alfalfa mixed with sainfoin. The sainfoin contains beneficial tannins that help to offset the effects of bloat in cattle. Read More







3D Fencing Project


3D Fence photo Farmers across Alberta are suffering great losses from elk and deer feeding on and fouling their winter feed supply. To find solutions for these serious problems, in addition to a project site east of Ponoka, we are initiating two new 3D fencing project sites in the Sundre area, in Mountain View County. Read More





Hardy Alfalfa Project


Alfalfa In 2013 the Grey Wooded Forage Association and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada supported by the Beef Cattle Research Council, Alberta Beef Producer and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, embarked on a joint alfalfa demonstration project at the Skeels farm, southeast of Rocky Mountain House. This project originated from discussions within the GWFA regarding the lack of longevity of alfalfa stands in the West Country. Read More


Past Projects


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