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Precision Grazing Joint Venture

Entry #1 



New applications of land management technology by Precision Grazing JV**.


Drones in Agriculture


In the last 100 years, modernization in agriculture has had an incredible impact on the way we approach farming.  As the worlds population has grown, science and innovation has enabled our farmland and farmers to keep up.  The problem is, there’s more work to be done.  The population of this big green and blue ball we call home is projected to be 9 billion by 2050.  The agricultural community will need to find innovative ways to deliver 70% more food than we do today. 


To meet this demand, producers are taking a page from history and implementing new strategies to increase productivity.  Precision Agriculture is often held up as one of the means to accomplish this.  This is a comprehensive term that can encompass many techniques and technologies.  This article will explore how drones or UAV’s are quickly becoming an important tool to augment many Precision Agricultural initiatives.  

Although UAV use has already been widely adopted, significant research continues to explore additional complementary technologies and use cases for UAV’s in agricultural.  In this installment, we will briefly discuss 2. 


  1. Grazing and Crops - Plant Health Assessment


Using multi-spectral lenses, UAV’s allow us to see what the naked eye cannot.  How does this work?  Plants reflect varying amounts of green and NIR (Near Infrared) light, depending on the active photosynthesis occurring on the plants surface.  We can capture and measure plant health, allowing you to quickly identify problems and plant stress.  Putting this information into the hands of an agronomist enables him to correlate ground truthing and observation with much larger areas.


      2. Soil and Field Topography


UAV’s take 100’s or 1000’s of images which are processed by advanced software tools which stitches them together into a fully interactive 3-dimensional map of farmlands.  These maps are valuable tools for managing water, designing pasture lands and grazing strategies.  As plants begin to grow, UAV’s can provide soil analysis for irrigation and nitrogen-level management. 

Fotocure is a leading provider of UAV’s services specific to agriculture.  We deliver a cost effective and simple way, from the comfort of your kitchen table, to access easy to read maps and see your grazing lands and crops.  Our introductory packages are designed to be affordable, allowing farmers to experiment with and learn about this exciting new technology and retain the profits from greater accuracy and data management. 


**A series of articles by PRECISION GRAZING to assist land managers in utilizing effective and innovative technologies. For more information on capturing the benefits of technology for better land and livestock management contact:


FOTOCURE – Doug Greff, President, 587-897-7283

GREENEDGE PRECISION FENCE – Lloyd Quantz, Pres, 403-556-0994

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