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2016 Blade Publications




  • A Summary of Forage Fertilization Research
  • Forage & Grazing Points to Ponder
  • Change Driven by Necessity
  • Grazing for Soil Health
  • First Steps of Cover Cropping
  • Growing Forward 2 for You
  • Alberta Environmental Farm Plan




  • Galloway Sale
  • Extended Grazing Tour / Workshop
  • 32nd GWFA Seminar & Annual General Meeting
  • Comparing Oats, Barley and Wheat for Cattle Rations
  • Third/ FourthStep of Cover Cropping
  • Condensed Tannis in Legume Forage




  • ALUS Program Page
  • Riparian Management Page
  • Healthy Land Healthy Futures Seminar & AGM
  • Coop Feeds Bison Feed Page
  • Range Monitoring Article Page
  • Sanfoin Story Keeps Getting Better Page
  • Determining A Reasonable Crop Land Rental Rate Page
  • Salinity Causes and Cures thank you poster




  • Scourge of the Cattle Producer
  • Welcome Devin Knopp to GWFA
  • New Sponsor-AFSC
  • Healthy Lands, Healthy Futures & AGM
  • Creep Feeding Calves
  • Water Solutions in a Drought




  • Canada Thistle Stem Mining Weevil
  • Haying in the 21st Century
  • Establishing Fair Hay Pricing
  • Weed Management Planning
  • New Sainfoin Variety Project Details
  • High Legume Pasture Field Day Poster
  • Feed in a Flash Field Day Poster




  • Hay Preservative Options
  • Bees Make a Comeback
  • Women in Farming
  • If You Can't Make Baled Hay, Make Silage
  • Golden Rules for Forage Establishment
  • Knowing Your Cost of Production




  • Save the Date
  • Fall Pasture Management
  • Upcoming Events
  • Grass Into Cash
  • Veterinary Medicine Beef Cattle Conference
  • Rangeland Congress Report
  • Goat Farming
  • Rain Damaged Forage Info Sheet
  • Innovate in Agriculture for Alberta




  • Carbon Sequestration - Event Poster
  • Consider All Costs of Using or Renting Grain Storage
  • The Cow Herd - Event Poster
  • Purchasing Feed
  • Clean Eggs, Healthy Chicks
  • Watershed Friendly Feeding Sites - Event Poster
  • What's the Plan for Next Year?
  • Frost and Nitrates in Forages
  • West Country Cattle Handling Systems - Event Poster
  • West Country Ag Tour Highlights
  • Get the Jump on Weeds for Next Year




  • Body Condition Scoring
  • 13 Tips for Winter Feeding Cattle
  • West Country Cattle Handling Systems Event Poster
  • Highlights from 2015 Market-Based Solutions for Used Agricultural Plastics: Survey of Municipalities
  • Carbon Sequestration Event Poster
  • Swath Grazing Mature Crops




  • A Cash Grain Broker - Part of Your Crop Marketing Plan?
  • Landowner Advisory Report
  • Transition Planning Guide for Agribusiness
  • Preg Checking, Herd Health, and Culling
  • Feed Quality
  • A Summer Solution for Watering Calves
  • Foothills Livestock Co-op - A Success Story
  • Feeling the Cash Crunch after Harvest?
  • Prebiotic Supplements Hold Promise for Bee Health
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