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Blade 2014



  • Wintering Site Tools for Farmers
  • Nutrient Loading Calculator
  • The Value of Trees
  • Growing Forward 2 On-Farm Stewardship Program
  • AARD Field Offices - A Great Resource!




  • Pricing for Profits
  • For Your Protection
  • Canada Range Monitoring at Antelope Creek Ranch
  • Top Items from Agronomy Update 2014




  • Www.foragebeef.ca adds wintering sites info!
  • Economic Impact of Wildlife to Beef Producers
  • 4R Nutrient Stewardship an Important Aspect of Successful Farming
  • Dupont Pioneer Brings Increased Nutritional Values With New Silage Inoculants
  • New Executive Director for Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA)




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  • Ergot Prevention in Cereal Crops
  • Land EKG Monitoring - Antelope Creek 2013
  • Time for a Physical!
  • Record Cattle Prices Spark Increased Demand for Livestock Price Insurance Program
  • Alberta’s Land Use Secretariat Wants Your Input!
  • AFSC Rocky Mountain House Has New Full-Time Hours!




  • Grazing Yearlings? Reduce Shrink Losses!
  • How I got Rid of Canada Thistle With Grazing
  • Can Cattle be Taught to Eat Weeds?
  • Can You Measure What You Manage?




  • Successful Brush Control by Combining Herbicide with Grazing Management
  • A Couple of Good Questions About Clovers
  • Alberta Farmers Hope for a Quieter Hail Season
  • The Effects of “Salting” on Buckbrush 




  • Your Fall Mineral Package is Vital!
  • Late Fall or Dormant Seeding Frequently Asked Questions
  • Environmental Farm Plan Process in Alberta
  • Worried About Nitrate Poisoning this Fall?
  • One Man’s Experience with Selenium Deficiency




  • Our New Sponsorship Program
  • Our New Question & Answer Column
  • Fall Harvested Alfalfa - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Fall the Time to Consider Weed Control?
  • Increase Organic Matter This Winter
  • Our New FREE Buy & Sell Section




  • Burning Questions of the Season
  • Fall Applied Fertilizers
  • Should I Soil Test My Forages?
  • Grazing Stubble Fields
  • Grazing Crop Re-Growth
  • Fall Grazing





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