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The Blade 2013



  • Comparison of Swath Grazing and Dry Lot Feeding for Backgrounding Calves
  • Big Picture Approach Key to a Successful Grazing System
  • Cowbytes Saves Money on Winter Feeding
  • Draft Beef Cattle Code of Practice Released for Public Comment




  • New Sainfoin Cultivar Promises Bloat-Free Alfalfa Grazing
  • Deadline to Insure Hay & Pasture
  • Prairie Shelterbelt Program 2013
  • Fusarium - The Enemy Within
  • New Incentives for Environmental Improvements in the Livestock Sector




  • Getting to the Meat of the New Beef Code
  • Reminder Notice - Comments on Beef Cattle Code of Practice
  • Plan Ahead to Avoid Common Forage Establishment Issues
  • EFPs and the World of Ag Sustainability: An Insider’s Thoughts




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  • Multi-County Controlled Grazing School
  • “Take an Alfalfa Break” in Grain Crop Rotations
  • Curious about the New Growing Forward 2 Plan?
  • Quality Water on Pasture Improves Calf Gains
  • Uncertainty Over Calf Prices Fuels Growing Nervousness Among Cattle Producers
  • New Information on www.foragebeef.ca




  • Controlled Grazing Course Agenda
  • Spray Drift Concerns by Landowners
  • Growing Forward 2 Launches Another Program Opportunity
  • Land EKG Canada
  • Selecting an Appropriate Cattle Turn-out Date
  • Manage Grazing for More Production & Profitability
  • Red Deer County Launches Two New Programs for County Landowners




  • Alberta Farmers Hope Crops Avoid Hail Damage this Year
  • Have You Noticed Any Little Black Bugs in Your Hay and Pasture Fields?
  • Alfalfa Autotoxicity
  • Could Pocket Gophers Improve Pastures?




  • Farm Equipment Repair Parts Warranty and Availability Questions and Answers
  • ohne’s Disease – Should Manure Be Applied to Forages?
  • Inoculants for Forage Legumes Unavailable in Canada
  • Rain, Rain and More Rain - What is it Doing to Your Hay Quality?
  • Sainfoin, Could It Be What You’re Looking For?




  • West Country Ag Tour Summary
  • Sainfoin - A Great Perennial Legume
  • Participate in Wireworm Control for your Farm
  • Crop Cocktails - Good for what Ails the Land




  • Coexistence Plan for Alfalfa Hay in Eastern Canada - Planning for Choice
  • Foragebeef.ca - New Publications Added
  • Fall Harvesting Alfalfa
  • DLF-TRIFOLIUM Acquires The Pickseed Group of Companies




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  • Agronomy Update 2014 Promises to be Another Exciting Soils and Crops Exposition!
  • OTIS AWARD - For Being OutsTanding In Stewardship


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