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PC: Jasmine Boucher

Welcome to GWFA - The Forage Innovators





The Grey Wooded Forage Association is located in Central Alberta, Canada and works to create awareness of the uses and potential uses of forages and strives to share information on a variety of production practices in the agriculture industry including:  Grazing Management -Bale Grazing - Swath Grazing - Riparian Management - Environmental Sustainability - Grass Production - Pasture Rejuvenation. 

GWFA association serves members who farm in Clearwater County, Mountain View County, Red Deer County, Lacombe County, and Ponoka County, and the County of Wetaskiwin. 


GWFA has a variety of new and ongoing projects and hosts events and pasture walks throughout the year.  Our Annual General Meeting is typically in May.  If you would be interested in sitting on the Board of Directors or would like information regarding being a Director, please contact us.


GWFA 2016/2017 Board of Directors

Back Row Left: Devin Knopp (Forage and Livestock Agronomist), Brendon Anderson, Benz Rufenacht, Cy Newsham, Vance Graham,                                              Herman Wyering, Andrew Ritson-Bennet

Front Row Left: Ted Chastko, Ginette Boucher (General Manager), Ken Ziegler, Amy Leitch






To promote environmentally and economically sustainable forage and agricultural practices.




The community is engaged in regenerative agricultural production methods.




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